Smart blue house with red door. Thin coat render system used

At a glance

Stoke, Plymouth
Type of project
Re-render of Georgian Property
Type of finish
Wetherby Thin Coat Render System
Case study

Stoke, Plymouth

It’s true to say that at Leyden we’re Heritage specialists. However, it’s also fair to say that it’s not all we do. We’re also experienced exterior render finishers and we offer Thin Coat Systems that are modern, low maintenance solutions for the outside of any building. 

Recently, we handled just such a project for a domestic property in Plymouth, in fact it was a close neighbour of ours which meant there was no room for error whatsoever (not that there would be with us at Leyden). 

Needing the outside of their building re-rendered they weighed up their options and decided that they didn’t want the normal sand and cement finish. What they wanted instead was something modern, low maintenance and energy efficient. 

Smart blue house with red door. Thin coat render system used

Our Thin Coat System did exactly that and had a flawless finish with an embedded mesh material, which offered impressive insulation. The product even offers the customer a choice of colours which means one simple thing, no more painting outside. 

Over and above these important qualities, it was the 10 years guarantee that attracted these clients to this solution and now they have a beautifully finished exterior render. 

So yes, we are proud of the heritage work that we do, but if you want a modern, low maintenance exterior render then talk to us at Leyden, it’s the reason we’re known for our specialist render work as much as our traditional craftsmanship. 


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