How long does it take for lime render to dry?

how long does lime render take to dry
how long does lime render take to dry

OK without getting too technical, this isn’t really the correct way to phrase this question. The intention is there but it’s not really using the correct terms. You see, when it comes to lime render you don’t actually ‘dry’ it, technically, it’s ‘cured’ and the truth is, this process can take months until it reaches its final ‘set’ or finish if you prefer.

We’re not one of those companies that tries to confuse clients with technical phrases just to make ourselves look clever, but these are words and phrases that are well established in an industry that is hundreds of years old. All we’re doing is showing some respect for what’s gone before us, the craftsman that have laid the foundations for what our industry is today.

But rather than this blog piece being about technical phrases that confuse customers, it’s more about the process and how that’s a hugely important part of how the end product performs. It’s important to remember that although these render techniques are old and traditional, they still have to perform in a modern world and to do that they have to be done properly by specialists that know what they’re doing, specialists like us at Leyden.

But if we go back to the original question and ask, ‘how long does it take for lime render to dry’ then the actual answer is ‘trust us, you don’t want that process to be too quick’ because this creates a weakness in the finish, which means it become loose and ‘friable’, which is where it starts to crumble in your fingers.

At Leyden, we use the traditional way of controlling the curing process by hanging dampened hessian cloth over the finish. It’s a tried and tested technique that stops the surface from drying out too quickly. It might look slightly odd and not very modern in its approach, but if you ever see someone working with lime that’s not using this technique then they’re not a lime specialist.

At Leyden we’re confident enough to say that we’re not just lime specialists, we’re lime experts and handle renders, hand-crafted pointing, lime plasters and decorative features. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and we love the fact that we’ve done our bit in the restoration and preservation of some of the South West’s most beautiful buildings.

So, if you’d like to know more about lime renders for your external walls, then get in contact with us at Leyden on, we are after-all, serious about craftsmanship.

Matt & Hannah

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