How much does it cost to lime plaster a room?

What does lime plaster look like?
What does lime plaster look like?

We don’t wish to be flippant, but surely the only way to respond to the question ‘how much does it cost to lime plaster a room?’ is to do it with another, fairly obvious question … ‘well, how big is the room?’

OK, so here at Leyden, we accept that probably isn’t the most helpful response to give but it’s definitely a true and accurate one. Most building jobs are based on size and that’s partly because the cost of materials is one of the most important elements. The bigger the room, the more lime plaster required and that plays a major part in the overall price.

However, there is another factor here and that’s the labour involved and this is where it starts to differ slightly from normal, standard plastering, because not all plasterers are the same as heritage specialist plasterers.

You see, heritage plasterers, like our team at Leyden, are fully trained from an early stage in heritage techniques. It’s not just about swapping the pink stuff for lime plaster and then spreading it across the wall. The process is more time consuming than that and you have to train longer for it. It’s this training, experience and high level of technical know-how that makes a difference to the quality of finish and obviously that impacts the price involved.

Think of it as the difference between a mechanic that works in a garage at the end of your road and the mechanic that works in an F1 pit lane for Max Verstappen … there’s a difference in knowledge, experience, expectation and of course, price.

Lime plaster is a traditional product that’s perfect for the restoration of period property. It has a breathable quality that allows moisture to be controlled better and it’s a better choice from a health and environmental perspective. Here at Leyden, we cover Devon and the wider South-West region and we understand lime plastering better than anything else … it’s what we do best.

So, when people want a more useful answer to the question ‘how much does it cost to lime plaster a room?’ our ‘real response’ is … let’s have a proper conversation about what you actually need and then we’ll arrange a site visit. After that we’ll give you a guaranteed quote, a detailed breakdown and a timeline expectation that we’ll be happy to stick to.

So, if you’d like to know more about lime plaster finishes to your internal walls, then get in contact with us at Leyden on, we are after-all, serious about craftsmanship.

Matt & Hannah

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