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Whenever it comes to heritage plastering work there’s one simple rule … it’s not about replacing completely, it’s about retaining and repairing what’s already there.

Conservation Officers in particular, are becoming increasing keen on this specific approach. As a result, when it comes any listed buildings, they’re often more interested in what already exists and making sure that it’s matched perfectly and that’s where we come in at Leyden.

In simple terms it is possible to repair lime plaster and we’d always suggest talking to professional heritage experts before taking on any serious work. But the real question is ‘what’ do you repair and what point do you go back to, because that’s the starting point of any lime plaster repair project.

When we come across damaged lime plaster, the first thing we do is take a close look at what already exists, because more often than not, that gives you a clear indication of the make-up that has to be matched correctly and sympathetically. Obviously, where the damage is so bad, the existing plaster must be knocked back to a point where it can be stabilized and made solid, but once it’s at that stage, then it can be recreated and blended to match in the correct way … this is the art of conservation.

So, when customers ask, ‘how do you repair lime plaster?’ the answer they often expect is that we strip everything back and start again from scratch, that after all makes logical sense in so many ways. It’s certainly the easiest and quickest approach. However, at Leyden we see things in a very different way. We believe that it’s our cultural duty to get this process absolutely spot on and preserve these special buildings for future generations to live in and enjoy.

Lime plaster is a traditional product that’s perfect for the restoration of period property. It has a breathable quality that allows moisture to be controlled better and it’s a better choice from a health and environmental perspective. Here at Leyden, we cover Devon and the wider South-West region, and we understand lime plastering and repair work better than anything else … it’s what we do best.

So, if you’d like to know more about how repairs to lime plaster should be carried out professionally, then get in contact with us at Leyden on, we are after-all, serious about craftsmanship.

Matt & Hannah

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