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Smart blue house with red door. Thin coat render system used

For those of you that know us well, you’ll know that we consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to renders, hand-crafted pointing, lime plasters and decorative features. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and we love the fact that we’ve done our bit in the restoration and preservation of some of the South West’s most beautiful buildings.  

But (and there’s always a but), that’s not the only thing we do here at Leyden. One of the other areas that we specialize in is modern renders, we just don’t talk about it that much, hence the blog piece today.   

The problem is (and it’s a nice problem to have), we have a really good reputation for understanding building renders in general and when we’re not painstakingly renovating a period property, we’re invariably working on a modern building. It’s odd because although different jobs require different tools and different skills, craftsmanship is a constant and if you have that combined with genuine professionalism, then it’s difficult for an outside render project to go wrong. 

When it comes to modern external finishes for newer property, we offer a Thin Coat System. These are highly technical, mesh embedded, flawless finishes that look stunning and create those wonderful clean lines that architects and design driven Channel 4 presenters seem to love.  

Thin Coat Systems are low maintenance and can provide added insulation qualities but best of all they come pre-coloured so there’s no need for regular painting. What this does is save you time or money, depending on how handy you are and how comfortable you are up a ladder. 

At Leyden we’ve been working with Thin Coat Systems for years now. We’re experienced as well as knowledgeable and whatever work we do, the Leyden level of craftsmanship always shines through.  

So, if you’re restoring a period property or if you’re redeveloping one on behalf of a client, then we’re a logical call to make here at Leyden. But equally, if it’s a new build you’re working on or something that merely requires a modern render finish, then strangely, we’re also the same logical call to make. 

We are after-all, serious about craftsmanship and we believe that craftsmanship should be for every project, not just period ones. 

Matt & Hannah 


Modern house with thin coat render system
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