05.Lime Repointing

05. Lime Repointing
Looking for an experienced trustworthy team for your lime repointing project?

It’s true that beautiful stone buildings are only as good as stone itself but here at Leyden we naturally believe that this applies to the pointing work as well and if you want the very best pointing work, then you have to use Lime Pointing.

The South West is lucky in that is has an abundance of stone buildings spread across the region and here at Leyden we’ve worked on many of them. Our team of experienced craftsman have used traditional Lime Pointing techniques to breathe new life into period properties, barn conversions and quaint cottages. Devon and the wider area is a virtual portfolio of our work and we’re proud of it.

What makes us a little bit different?

All surfaces

Lime repointing is one of the most important elements of any heritage building. It’s fundamental to building preservation.


When it comes to lime repointing, Leyden are one of the most experienced and well-respected specialists in the region.


As a business, Leyden is fully insured as is every one of the tradesman in our team. Our business is based on our reputation and that’s what our customers rely on.

Man brushing stone wall that has been repointed with lime mortar
how long does lime render take to dry

Experts in the South-West

Leyden are well known and respected across the whole of the South-West region as heritage experts and lime repointing specialists.

From our base in Plymouth, we cover Devon and Cornwall as well as Somerset, working on period property and historical buildings.

We’re well known to conservation officers and specialist architects in the region with a reputation for doing the ‘right thing’ for the buildings that we work on.

Five-star service

As heritage specialists, we have an unrivalled reputation across the region. Our lime rendering is well known as a five-star service as are our lime repointing and plastering services.

Leyden work in an almost obsessive way, making sure that our clients are happy with the finish we create and that the building itself is well preserved for the future.

The service we offer is second to none, but it’s not just us that say that, it’s our clients that do as well.

"My wife and I live in a heritage property, some 180 years old. Of the four double chimney stacks one has been leaking badly into the house. We have been fortunate enough to find Leyden, who in our opinion, displayed exceptional levels of craftsmanship. The chimney needed all of its render removed, accounting to some two tons, and re-plastering in traditional lime and horsehair. This was all hand formed without modern aids and the result is spectacular. My wife and I have no hesitation in recommending Leyden to anyone in need of preserving an old building to a very high standard."

Martin and Loretta Powell

The process is easy

We’ve deliberately made the process of working with us as easy as possible. It starts with a conversation, is followed by a site visit and then we recommend the best possible route for your project.

Step one:

Get in touch

Our contact details are on this site and you can either call or email us. If you do send an email, please give us some basic information on what you require or what type of project you have. That way we can respond in the most effective way.

Step two:

Site visit

It’s our belief that you can’t possibly price a project unless you visit the site in person. Doing this, prevents unexpected surprises later on in the process but it also allows for everyone involved to decide if the relationship will work.

Step three:

Serious craft

Since we started the business, we’ve secured a reputation for experience, knowledge and appreciation of heritage buildings. The service we offer is unrivalled throughout the South-West region because we’re good at what we do. At Leyden, we’re serious about craftsmanship

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