What is lime rendering?

A church re-plastered in a lime mortar
A church re-plastered in a lime mortar

We get asked ‘what is lime rendering?’ a lot, all the time in fact and the truth is, we never really get tired of answering the question.

Let’s be honest, we get asked ‘what is lime rendering?’ a lot. All the time in fact and the truth is, we never really get tired of answering the question. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d put up a quick blog post on the subject. It is after all what we do here at Leyden and more importantly, it’s what we do very well.

Our team at Leyden are some of the finest specialists in heritage rendering and plastering that you could ever wish to meet. We have vast experience within the group and there’s very little that we’ve not seen when it comes to the preservation of heritage buildings here in Plymouth and the wider South-West region.

If we look at the specifics of what is lime rendering then in simple terms it’s a beautiful rendered finish to the outside of a building. More often than not, these are heritage style buildings of which there’s plenty of in Plymouth and Devon as a whole.

Often associated with period town houses, these finishes have a subtle texture and invariably feature stucco sections, ornamental lintels, arches and cornicing. It might sound like technical detail, but these features are in abundance wherever you have beautifully restored and well-maintained period property.

But it’s not just about the look and feel, there is a technical side to the question ‘what is lime rendering?’. It’s a protective exterior layer for your building which most importantly allows the building itself to breathe. This is turn creates a much healthier structure that doesn’t trap moisture in or even allow it to build up and do the sort of costly damage that it can.

For those of you that know us well, you’ll know that we consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to renders, hand-crafted pointing, lime plasters and decorative features. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and we love the fact that we’ve done our bit in the restoration and preservation of some of the South West’s most beautiful buildings.

So, if you’re restoring a period property or if you’re redeveloping one on behalf of a client, then you really should be talking to us at Leyden. But equally, if you’d like more information about what is lime rendering then please click the link.

We are after-all, serious about craftsmanship and we believe that craftsmanship should be for every project.

Matt & Hannah

Decorative doorway with lime plaster
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